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Our self-tan formulation offers an instant upgrade on standard DHA tans. Simply choose your tan according to your preferences – from skincare to trend ingredients, plus and you can even multi-mist to create the ultimate couture tan!


Choose patented, buildable sunscreen technology! There’s no need for separate sunscreens to suit different skin needs, climates and preferences. That’So sunscreens can scale up your SPF layer by layer.
Dry oil formulas – for normal and sensitive skin – up to +90% of protection!

After Sun Care

The after sun spray deeply hydrates, refreshes and soothes. That’so also offers anti-mosquito after sun, and after sun with Neem oil.

Tan Accelerator

Tan Accelerator is a tanning accelerator spray that improves the natural process of melanin production, ensuring an even and intense tan to the skin. Contains essence of vanilla, coconut and mint.

Anti-Age Mousse Sun Protection

Delicate mousse with a light texture with high sun protection (SPF 50) and equipped with Gold Filter Tech with a pearly luminous effect on the skin.

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