A beauty protocol designed for your skin type.

Through a passion and dedication for a more natural form of skincare, Perris Swiss Laboratory was born. The goal was to develop a range mainly for sensitive skin that would combine cosmetic excellence with natural ingredients and high skin tolerance – skincare that was both hard working and gentle.

Exclusive products with the highest quality standard.

Perris Swiss Laboratory offers completely clean products from the point of view of INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) and aims at 100% recyclability. On each package of the brand’s products, the consumer can have a global overview of the ingredients present in the product and those that are on the “black list”.

Build on experience.

Perris Swiss Laboratory belongs to the Perris Group – a global beauty enterprise founded by Michele Perris in 1981. The enterprise trades in more than 37 countries worldwide and specializes in premium and niche market products. Alongside other luxury brands like Parfums Houbigant Paris, Perris Monte-Carlo and Alyssa Ashley, Perris Swiss Laboratory offers premium products backed by expert research.

Perris heritage

Your skinscare. Perris its passion.

The brand is developed and produced in Switzerland with an expert team of biologists, chemists and leaders in skincare research. It’s this approach and dedication to skincare that sets Perris Swiss Laboratory apart from other beauty brands.

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