The most intense and sensuous essences in the fragrance world

Timeless yet undeniably modern, the eau de parfums celebrate eight of the most precious fragrance essences in the world, translated into ten oriental blends designed to intrigue the senses.

Paying Tribute to the art of French Perfumery

Full of depth and intensity, each scent evokes exclusivity, prestige and elegance in its own right. Every captivating fragrance is created with the most exceptional, noble raw materials, discovered during the family’s travels across continents exploring diverse, rich cultures and expressions of nature.

Decades of experience

The mission is sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world with tradition and modern innovation intertwined, to create the unique scents of Perris Monte Carlo.

Based in Monte-Carlo and part of The Perris Group luxury portfolio, was founded in 1981 by Michele Perris. The Perris Group is family owned and operates in more than 37 countries worldwide bringing premium luxury brands to the market.

The story of gian luca perris

Your scent. Perris Monte Carlo its passion.

Created through extensive research into some of the world’s most exceptional raw materials. They are thrilled to present the outstanding collection of fragrances that have been recognised by the beauty trade industry professionals as well as consumers.

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