One-hundred percent natural & proudly cruelty free

Eyebrows and eyelashes have never been in the spotlight as in recent years, the code words are: full, voluminous and above all as natural-looking as possible.

The golden combo

The Grow Oil does exactly what the name suggests, it ensures that the eyelash and eyebrow hairs grow while they are also strengthened, repaired and conditioned and best of all – you can see the result after 6-8 weeks.

A personal story

Entrepreneur in heart and soul Marjolein Verhart went in search of a miracle product and developed her own natural eyelash and eyebrow products under the name: Marr cosmetics. A beauty brand that produces 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free products in the Netherlands. The Grow Oil is the only Dutch, 100% natural growth serum for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Your lash. Marjolein her passion.

Inspired by an age-old Hollywood secret that uses soap to set and perfect your brows. Marjolein knew what she wanted, how the product should work, what ingredients should be in it and what it should look like. Pink with gold of course! Your eye-lashes are Marjolein her passion, with Marr cosmetics now being one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in recent years!